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Good morning! With a continental breakfast, you start your day brilliantly and at the same time enjoy the beautiful view of the landscape restaurant.

Breakfast is booked (and paid for) the night before at the latest. Breakfast can be booked in connection with the accommodation or camping reservation or at the reception on site (or 040 522 1190 or info@marjoniemi.com).

The price of breakfast is 11.90 for adults and 6.90 for children (ages 3-16).

Offered at breakfast:

coffee, tea and cocoa orange and apple juice, milk, oat milk boiled eggs instant porridge selection and juice soup varied selection of breads, e.g. rolls, Karelian pies, potato fritters, rye bread, croissants, toast

butter, margarine, ham, cheese tomato, cucumber cereals, muesli, cookies, chocolate, nuts jukurts jams, Nutella fruits, berries sourdough bread, crackers, sandwich cookies cookies and apple pie gluten-free selection on request